Meet Mike: Our Sunglass Expert at Ninety Six Shades

Meet Mike: Our Sunglass Expert at Ninety Six Shades

Meet Mike: Our Sunglass Expert at Ninety Six Shades



Welcome to our Monday Staff Introduction series, where we get to know the amazing team members who make Ninety Six Shades special.

This week, we’re excited to introduce you to Mike, who has been with us for eight wonderful years. Let's learn more about him!

A Day in Mike's Life

When Mike isn’t busy helping customers find their perfect sunglasses, he loves spending quality time with his family, enjoying outdoor activities, and socializing with friends. Mike is a big people person and finds joy in connecting with others, whether it's a family gathering or a community event.

These simple pleasures make his days off rewarding and enjoyable.

Mike's Sunglasses Favorites

Mike’s top pick for sunglasses is the Maui Jim Lele Kawa.

He loves these frames for their sleek design and the exceptional warranty that Maui Jim offers.

The best part? They provide unparalleled protection and style, making them perfect for his active lifestyle.

The Maui Jim Lele Kawa



Mike’s Experience at Ninety Six Shades

For Mike, the best part of being on the Ninety Six Shades team is meeting new people, learning their stories, and helping them choose the perfect pair of sunglasses.

He finds it incredibly rewarding to connect with our customers and make their shopping experience enjoyable.

We’re grateful to have Mike as part of our Ninety Six Shades family.

His extensive knowledge about sunglasses and his passion for helping others make him an invaluable team member.

Stay tuned for more introductions in our Monday Staff Introduction series!

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