Collection: Shipping

If your order is over $100 we’ll pay for free 2-day shipping!

If you’re buying lower-priced frames under $100 like those from Doop or Suncloud, or just shopping for some basic accessories, your shipping is still free, it might just take an extra day or two!

Cross the $100 threshold and shipping will automatically be upgraded to 2-day shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.

DISCLAIMER: Occasionally, courier services like UPS or USPS will allow you to pay for 2-day shipping, and still take 3 days around holidays, weekends, etc. We’ll do everything we can to ensure 2-day shipping every time!

When an order comes through, it’s like Christmas morning for us; we can’t wait to pack it up and ship it out! So, order before 3:00pm (EST) and we guarantee it’ll ship the same day. Anything ordered after 3:00pm will go out the next morning! We even come in on weekends to get every order out! Neither snow, nor rain nor heat, nor gloom of night, you know?